Torstein Vabo

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

Not long ago you killed things — bugs, plants, trees, animals, people — now you cannot kill a thing without knowing exactly what you’re doing and why.

Not long ago you lived as though it had no purpose. Now you know it has no purpose, save the one you give it.

Not long ago you begged the universe to bring you Truth. Now you tell the universe your truth.

Not long ago you sought to be rich and famous. Now you seek to be, simply and wonderfully, your Self.

And not so very long ago, you feared Me. Now you love me, enough to call Me your equal.

Keep on growing. Keep on becoming. Keep on deciding what you are in the next highest version of your Self. Keep on



This is a reminder.

Donald Trump is as much a human as I am, as you are. Perhaps he behaves in some ways that you don’t like, or don’t support, or wouldn’t have done yourself.

The past years memes, essays, headlines, articles, tweets and interviews, have competed in being mean in the most articulate way.

Think about that, a competition in being mean.

It seems that there’s a narrative that thinks that simply “removing” people like Donald Trump will fix all of our problems. I’m sorry to say, it won’t. More disturbing is it that I never meet anyone with compassion for Donald Trump. And I don’t understand why there’s so few that feel sorry for him.
He is a human as you are, as I am.

Be kind.